Terrifying: Meanwhile on the set of Final Destination, Panicked tourists leap for their lives after a ski lift malfunctions and doubles its speed. Rag dolls 10 people into the hospital!

Tourists were violently thrown from a ski lift at a resort in north-east Georgia after it malfunctioned, leaving ten people with injuries. Skiers were being transported down a hill at the Gudauri resort, located on the plateau of The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in the former Soviet republic, when the out of control lift suddenly began picking up speed. Scary as f**k.

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Rick and Morty slay a bunch of aliens in the new Run the Jewels ‘Oh Mama’ music video, where they travel through space to extract an alien embryo from a shady nightclub!

“Get that sh*t out of my face Bowser” – Luigi’s Balloon World looks bonkers hard, infuriating, and fun as f**k. Nintendo should start paying Dunkey for all the free marketing!