“I’m gonna break his arms” – Oh sweet Jesus. Tony Ferguson has been conditioning his elbows and shins by belting a solid steel pipe so he can destroy Khabib’s flesh and bone!

Im trying not to get too hype about the fight because of their strong pull out game, but I’m f**king hyped! I’m equally excited for Rose Joanna, probably the first female fight I’ve been excited for in equal proportion to the main card.

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Barbeque that bites back! – The Black Sugar Rib Company at Smorgasburg in LA cooks up a whole alligator BBQ style, and it’s falling off the bone!

Greg Barling isn’t a dirt jump builder, he’s a f**king artist. Rebuilds his backyard BMX berm into a sculpture of perfection. I’ve never wanted to eat dirt, but that thing looks edible!