25 second smash and grab: Meanwhile in Trinidad, Armed robbers storm a jewellery store, barge the security guard over, filled their backpacks with thousands in gold and escape!

Employees at RT Jewellers at Upper High Street, San Fernando ducked for cover while customers scampered to safety as bandits stormed the store. Three men, one armed with a gun, ran into the store slamming the security guard to the floor. The men filled their backpacks with thousands in jewellery before making their escape on foot.

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What the hell did I just watch, and why the hell did I enjoy it? – Because it’s 2018, clown core is a music genre that’s sweeping the globe and infiltrating the minds of the young!

Lil Dicky and Chris Brown trade lives in “Freaky Friday”, and it’s another banging video from the comedian rapper who’s whiter than a mayonnaise sandwich!