Why do tattoos last forever? Getting a tattoo is like getting a controlled wound. Cells called macrophages eat the invasive ink and then get stuck beneath the epidermis!

Tattoos have developed a varied form of expression across the world, but the science behind their everlasting-presence is even more fascinating. Ink flows down the needles when they pierce the epidermis. Once the ink is inside the skin, the body’s immune system can’t ingest it, leaving the tattoo to stay.

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The look on his face… – A detective constable gets busted for blackmail, throws his whole career away for a measly £1000, and is caught googling “crime to make easy money”!

“Get in the hole!” – It’s not just good for golf that Tiger Woods is back, it’s good for the economy too. People are lining up at bars and tripling bartenders’ incomes just to watch him play!