The look on his face… – A detective constable gets busted for blackmail, throws his whole career away for a measly £1000, and is caught googling “crime to make easy money”!

The case involves a married man who is sent a letter threatening to tell his family he had received oral sex from a sex worker unless he pays the blackmailer £1000. The letter also contained photos of the man visiting the sex worker. Detective constable Gareth Suffling is arrested at work and found guilty of blackmail.

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Absolute Mayhem: Miami man allegedly ‘high on narcotics’ crashes into 3 cars, tries to flee while other drivers hell-bent on stopping him attack his car with a sledgehammer!

Why do tattoos last forever? Getting a tattoo is like getting a controlled wound. Cells called macrophages eat the invasive ink and then get stuck beneath the epidermis!