Is it the best movie of the year? We don’t know, but it’s certainly the weirdest! – A telemarketer is given the secret to success in ‘Sorry to bother you’!

Cassius Green is a broke telemarketer living in Oakland. Once a coworker gives him the secret get to success, Green is transported to a macabre universe. In one of those rare cases of a trailer truly delivering hype, the first one for the upcoming comedy Sorry To Bother You is here, and it’s getting people extremely excited.

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“It was f**king epic!” – A bone stock 1987 Harley Davidson FXR, a sketchy wooden ramp, and way too much speed is a recipe for disaster. Daredevil Tyler Flight is a savage!

LeBron James has had some seriously nutty highlights this year, good lord. Watch him fool the entire Lakers team with a slick no-look pass. The force is strong with this one!