“Get in the hole!” – It’s not just good for golf that Tiger Woods is back, it’s good for the economy too. People are lining up at bars and tripling bartenders’ incomes just to watch him play!

“I work as a bartender at a golf course. Sundays are usually an OK day. But today was different. I was so slammed packed with people watching Tiger play it was insane. I know it seems minimal but the economic trickle down effect this guy has when it comes to the golf world is hard to explain. I made at least 3X the amount of money I usually make on Sundays just because Tiger was in contention. He brings so much to the game it’s amazing.” – Alcaonline.

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Why do tattoos last forever? Getting a tattoo is like getting a controlled wound. Cells called macrophages eat the invasive ink and then get stuck beneath the epidermis!

Three cheeky lads want to hit a festival but don’t want to pay, so they come up with a cunning plan to dress up like bin men and sneak in with beer in their garbage bags!