Oliver Tree isn’t just a living, breathing meme, he’s also a talented vocalist and producer, has a lucious bowl-cut and rides a scooter!

Tree got his start in 2013 when he released music under the name Tree. Years later, he started collaborating with popular electronic producers like Whethan and Getter, but now he’s stepping up and making a name for himself by releasing his own solo tunes yet again. Tree’s debut EP, “Alien Boy,” was released on Feb. 16, and debuted No. 10 on iTunes charts.

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Jon Jones’ oblique kicks are one of the most effective and controversial moves in MMA. Add in his nasty, sharp, face splitting elbows and you’ve got one scary mother f**ker!

“No option anymore to climb up or down” – ​Climber Hansjörg Auer gets stranded on an icy cliff face, rappels down using an outrageously small piece of rock. Absolutely terrifying!