“I got molested. It was incredible!” – Joe Rogan becomes an 800 pound silver back gorilla while Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen watch on. This is why the internet was invented!

There is so much Joe Rogan content out there that you could literally splice together any crazy string of words and create an entire multi hour show on any subject. In context Joe Rogan is a really smart dude with a lot of interests and a really open mind. Out of context Joe Rogan is whatever you want him to be!

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“Did he just sh*t himself?” – Former US Ranger Wil Willis demonstrates the ‘Ranger Roll’. I just tried this on my little cousin. I think I accidentally elbowed his Adam’s apple in!

No one has dived over 1000 meters below the waves in the Antarctic before, but this team achieved it revealing a sea floor teeming with life!