“Did he just sh*t himself?” – Former US Ranger Wil Willis demonstrates the ‘Ranger Roll’. I just tried this on my little cousin. I think I accidentally elbowed his Adam’s apple in!

Say what you will about this looking ‘tacticool’ and impractical but home boy just picked up a legit 220 pound dude in less than one second and would be off to the races with him in a fireman’s carry. Got to respect those kinds of results. Personally I can’t wait to try this on my wife next time she’s drunk.

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Top Gear’s Rory Reid headed to Japan and got introduced to the custom supercar culture in Tokyo, where Lambos covered in lights rule the night!

“I got molested. It was incredible!” – Joe Rogan becomes an 800 pound silver back gorilla while Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen watch on. This is why the internet was invented!