“Adderall, side effects may include being awesome at everything.” But at what cost? – Netflix presents ‘Take Your Pills’ documentary, and I need to get in touch with my dealer!

The pressure to achieve more, do more, and be more is part of being human – and in the age of Adderall and Ritalin, achieving that can be as close as the local pharmacy. No longer just “a cure for excitable kids,” prescription stimulants are in college classrooms, on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley…any place “the need to succeed” slams into “not enough hours in the day.” But there are costs.

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Babies don’t belong in bars! – Man receives repeated punches to the face during a brawl while handing his 4-year-old daughter, now faces child abuse charges!

“We fell 1 point short” – Basketball player’s speech after losing the state championship brings his coach to tears. Sometimes you don’t know your impact on another until it hits you!