Cya Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti and McLaren. The new Rimac electric hypercar has nearly 2,000hp. Can reach 100kph faster than it takes you to read this headline!

Designed by Rimac’s in-house team and made entirely from scratch with all-new, groundbreaking technologies, this car represents the next generation hypercar. 1,914hp create incredible acceleration of 0-60mph in 1.85 seconds and 0-300kph in 11.8 seconds. With level 4 ready hardware on-board this is one of the smartest and most connected cars in the world. It is, quite literally, alive with technology.

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Human filth: Why isn’t this on the news? Because it doesn’t bring in the ratings. Some of Indonesia’s best dive sites are being destroyed by tonnes of rubbish and it’s f**king depressing!

Incredible time-lapse shows how the cosmos may have looked over the course of 13 billion years, where every second represents 22 million years!