The all new single seat 2018 Polaris RS1 SxS has a 110hp 4-stroke twin cylinder engine, putting every field, desert and mountain-trail on notice!

The RZR RS1 is the ideal machine for a real driver’s driver looking to push beyond their limits, free from care or concern of a backseat driver. The single-seat center-of-mass position unlocks high-visibility sightlines to oncoming terrain and provides increased balance and feel within the chassis. The race-inspired driver ergonomics and new steering position create extra room for active arm and leg movement.

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Yeah science! – 23-year-old paralyzed man moves his hand using thoughts from his own brain for the very first time, and the future is looking good!

Parker Heath has been shredding the streets of Los Angeles lately. The dude is legit on a BMX. He busted his ass on this one and definitely shows. Every clip is pro-level baby!