When you bring all the groceries inside in one trip! – Mikhail Shivlyakov gives maximum effort on a staggering 426kg/939lbs deadlift at the Arnold Classic, and bleeds from his face!

Mikhail Shivlyakov is a Russian National weightlifting champion, strongman competitor and powerlifter. This happened a few days ago at the 2018 Arnold Strongman Classic, where he competed with the best in the world for the undisputed world’s strongest man title!

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How do you improve on Shaun White’s gold medal run perfection? That’s easy, just add internet. Dude spends 5 days editing, turns the halfpipe into Super Mario world!

Meanwhile at a very choppy ‘Haulover Inlet’ channel in Florida, Captain allows his mate to ride on the bow of the boat, smashes his teeth in and knocks him out cold with no life vest!