This might make you feel sick! – In the Philippine capital, Manila, meat is scavenged from rubbish tips, washed and re-cooked to be sold in poor communities!

Leftover food from restaurants are scavenged from garbage sites and dumps, then sold to street food vendors to be sold to customers. It’s called “pagpag” and it’s eaten by the poorest people who can’t afford to buy fresh meat. You may wish to skip this one if you have a delicate disposition.

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What happens when Aussie professional boxer Kyron ‘The Hitman’ Dryden hits the piss with a gang of Newcastle rappers? Rugby tackling, cattle prod zapping shenanigans!

Haymaker City: Meanwhile in Satan’s backyard, Boxer El Diablo asked for a rematch with Heathen and the gods granted his wish. Somebody’s gonna get their damn bell rung!