Haymaker City: Meanwhile in Satan’s backyard, Boxer El Diablo asked for a rematch with Heathen and the gods granted his wish. Somebody’s gonna get their damn bell rung!

‘Street Beefs’ is dedicated to local people who have disputes they want to settle with a little good ol’ fashioned violence. The owner of ‘Satan’s Backyard’, who goes by the nickname Scarface, claims these fights are disputes that have gotten past the point of reconciliation and can only be settled through a fight. Check it out.

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This might make you feel sick! – In the Philippine capital, Manila, meat is scavenged from rubbish tips, washed and re-cooked to be sold in poor communities!

Bodysurfing bambi! – A deer swam way out to sea to escape wild dogs, then caught a sick wave to safety in the middle of nowhere in Mexico!