“I don’t want to find your sh*t in my house” – Oh sh*t, guess what Dad found in his son Danny’s clothes while doing the laundry? Should we start a GoFundMe for him to buy more?

Danny only had 1 nug. I bet he was looking forward to that nug when he got home, and now he’s gonna be super disappointed lol. Pro Tip: Put a little nug in the top of my drawer so if your parents find it they’ll stop looking, assume it’s all you have, and won’t find the ounce hidden at the bottom.

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Beware live rail: Meanwhile in Paris, the internet thought urban explorer ‘Dying Llama’ was dead, nah son, he’s been lurking the underground Métro and rooftops with his homies!

1 UP graffiti olympics is here! – This should win all the awards for best drone cinematography of the year, as a single shot captures seven types of street bombing disciplines happening at the same time around the city!