Rockets superstar James Harden sent social media into meltdown when he floored an opponent, then stared coldly into the eyes of the man he just crucified, before draining a three!

The Rockets are riding an incredible 13-game winning streak and their marquee man, James Harden, is charging towards his first ever MVP trophy. They’ve looked near on unstoppable throughout the season, but Harden isn’t happy with just winning, he’s moved on to disrespecting opponents.

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“If there’s 20 cops in one spot, you’re not getting away” – Meanwhile in Australia, Dave Hancock’s 1000hp HQ Kingswood is a street animal that guzzles 1 litre of methanol every kilometre!

Prepare yourselves for a horrible death: Jupiter is made of hydrogen and helium gas. Could you fall through one end and out the other? It turns out, you wouldn’t even make it halfway!