“If there’s 20 cops in one spot, you’re not getting away” – Meanwhile in Australia, Dave Hancock’s 1000hp HQ Kingswood is a street animal that guzzles 1 litre of methanol every kilometre!

When Dave Hancock first got himself a licence, he had himself a big-block HQ to have a hell of a time in. Fast-forward many years, and the old nostalgia nerve kicked in for Dave, so he kept an eye out for another Quey. As luck would have it, Dave’s mother-in-law just so happened to have a pristine one-owner spare. For more visit Street Machine.

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“This track is f**king sick!” – Foul mouthed pro mountain bike riders Brendan Fairclough and Josh Bryceland bomb a wild downhill track in Austria!

Rockets superstar James Harden sent social media into meltdown when he floored an opponent, then stared coldly into the eyes of the man he just crucified, before draining a three!