A cult, heavily armed ranchers and the world’s biggest collection of Rolls Royces! – Spiritual guru spent $125 million back in 1981 to build a 64,000-acre “utopia”, complete with schools, a shopping mall, hospitals and an airport!

While most of you reading this may not know the name Bhagwan Rajneesh, those who were around to watch the news in the early 1980s can tell you that he was a massive story. Wild Wild Country is about a controversial cult leader who built a utopian city in the Oregon desert, resulting in conflict with the locals that escalates into a national scandal.

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Can I get a meme expert to give me the value on this? Need to know if it’s worth investing – Even the power of belief won’t save this trials rider from snapped handlebars!

“I took a pill in Bali” – Travel porn filmmaker Nick Pescetto documents his stunning adventures through an Indonesian island with smoke show Giulia Calcaterra. Welcome to Paradise!