Not all heroes wear capes: Prankster rings two Papa Joe’s pizza stores and makes them talk to each other. It quickly turns into a business transaction and I hope he got 10% for brokering the deal!

Imagine being either of those employees. You pick up the phone and it ends up being business as usual. You have no idea that the line you’re on is a man holding two phones together. At first it was funny. Then the prankster had an obligation to keep them on the line to finish the transaction and it became business.

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Motorcycle rider cruising on a Californian highway doesn’t realise traffic is slowing down, loses control slamming face first into the asphalt, get his bike totalled by a truck!

Russian Goddess: The 5’8” blued eyed smoke show Vita Sidorkina has made her triumphant return to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit with a steamy photoshoot in the Caribbean!