“I’m blue collar tradesman trash and I f**king love it” – Dirty hands and clean money. Tearful construction worker reflects on what his high school teacher said to him when he was young!

It used to be the power tie that was a mark of success – now it’s the fluorescent shirt that denotes who really earns the big bucks. While financiers and computer experts may have enjoyed fatter wallets in the past, Australia’s army of miners, tradies and construction workers are now leaving their white-collared peers for dead financially.

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‘The Flats’ was filmed in the Cape Flats of Cape Town, South Africa over the course of three days, showing the violent gangs and poverty stricken lives of locals!

A crossbow-wielding duck? Looney Toons looks lit. Take control of a team of Mutants navigating a post-human Earth in new tactical adventure game ‘Mutant Year Zero’!