The $8,000 ‘Domestic vs Import’ street race – Supercharged 800hp American muscle Mustang on slicks goes head to head with a ‘bolt on’ Japanese GTR. Place your bets!

“We see the occasional small money bets when it comes to cars like these, but the amount of money on this ONE race threw us for a loop! These two set aside $4000 a piece for an $8000 pot! It was a decently close race and awesome to see how smoothly the transaction went over after the fact!” – @1320video.

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Finish larrikins converted a Suzuki 1000cc GSX-R into a snow bike with 170 horsepower, took it for a test ride and threw some explosions in to make things more interesting!

Zero F**ks: Nate Diaz was in Texas to watch UFC Fight Night and wouldn’t you know it? He brought a little something to smoke. The cameras couldn’t pan away fast enough!