They call Australia is the most dangerous bloody sunburnt country on the planet. The land of nope. But I wouldn’t wanna live anywhere else. This place is full of legendary c*nts!

Australians are known for being different from everyone else. Ever wondered what goes on in the land down under? We got you covered. If I saw that spider in my mailbox I’d move immediately. It’s not the big guy I’m worried about, it’s the hundreds of baby spiders that’ll grow up to be just as big as their mother.

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Aggressive yet graceful! – If you don’t want one of these Ford SVT Raptor Pre Runners as your daily driver, you’ve got something wrong with you!

$10,000 on the line on a public road sticky enough to do a wheelstand in Atlanta, between a twin-turbo SRT8 Jeep and a nitrous Monte Carlo!