Dumbest. Burglars. Ever. – Two criminals were caught on security camera trying to throw bricks through a shop window, but one of them threw their brick right into the others head!

The two men are seen approaching the building before one man takes his first attempt at smashing the storefront open with a brick. The brick appears to bounce off the building and onto the ground, sending one of the thieves scurrying over to fetch it. Following his lead, within seconds, the other man hurls a brick in the same direction which hits his accomplice in the head.

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Road Rage: Wait, who am I rooting for? Not only did this dude get spat on, he manages to flip his car after trying to kill the other guy. He’s gotta be seething with rage after that!

“Clean as a whistle!” – New Zealand lad cops $50,000 after snagging a cracking one-handed catch during the Black Caps’ match against Australia. Proceeds to lose his mind!