What happens when you give an ‪‎F1‬ driver an empty dockyard and the RB7 that revs to 18,000rpm? A no-holds-barred blast. Watch Carlos Sainz skid the ultimate Peru playground!

Red Bull sent Carlos Sainz and the RB7 all the way to Peru for a tyre-melting show car run around downtown Lima. All good, except Lima’s quite the trek from Milton Keynes and by the time the special freight arrived at the docks, Carlos was just a little bit anxious to get things started!

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The remains of a man from 10,000 years ago found in England has gone through extensive DNA tests, and science has revealed he had the striking combination of blue eyes and dark skin!

“Do you mind if I whack it?” – It’s Valentine’s Day, and to prove that love is timeless we follow an unmarried couple, and a married couple throughout the day. This is bloody genius!