Don’t care about the olympics? This sport might be more your style. Random Chihuahua being called ‘World’s Quickest Dog’. Is part Cheetah, part Hummingbird, has body feints like Messi!

“With the first pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, The Cleveland Browns select…” Division 1 speed, next level athleticism. Best wiggle from this breed in recent memory. Durability could be a concern, needs to add 2-3kg to handle potential volume. Off the field concerns with barking at neighbours could be an issue.

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“Oh sh*t it’s the cops!” – Cops. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, a Honda Civic with a 70mm turbo out the bonnet, a boosted Lambo and more, all battle it out on the street for cold hard cash!

‘Wild ice skating’ is both an art and a science. A skater seeks out the thinnest, most dangerous pristine ice possible. For its smoothness, flexibility and high-pitched, laser sounds!