What a time to be alive: Meanwhile at Delta Launch Pad 37B, SpaceX landing it’s Falcon Heavy boosters looks like alien spaceships arriving to Earth, something out of Sci-Fi movie!

That was amazing. Like watching the moon landing. I told my children that this was an important day. When they grow up this might happen all the time, but it’s a first for me. Incredible how far technology has come. Wait, what’s that? I don’t have any children? Well who the hell are those little kids I cook dinner for every damn night?

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Revel Co. wizards Brandon Semenuk and Rupert Walker have raised, and spun, the bar again with ‘Inertia’. Semenuk is the f**king G.O.A.T. Pure and simple, there is no argument!

Sarcasm level: Maximum – New Deadpool 2 trailer features the time-traveling mutant villain soldier known as Cable, once his arm has been properly CGI’d into the shot, that is!