Revel Co. wizards Brandon Semenuk and Rupert Walker have raised, and spun, the bar again with ‘Inertia’. Semenuk is the f**king G.O.A.T. Pure and simple, there is no argument!

There’s not much to say when @brandonsemenuk puts out a new cut with his partner-in-crime, @rupskywalker. You’ve seen the Raw 100 vids. So here’s what we’ll say: if you’re after three minutes of Semenuk at his best, this ones for you.

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That’s why he’s the best! – Tom Cruise spent hundreds of hours learning to fly a helicopter so he could do life threatening heli stunts while acting and operating the camera!

What a time to be alive: Meanwhile at Delta Launch Pad 37B, SpaceX landing it’s Falcon Heavy boosters looks like alien spaceships arriving to Earth, something out of Sci-Fi movie!