“This is one of the scariest days of my life” – Cinematographer Greg Weaver talks us through his avalanche footage. A first-hand account that shows why backcountry danger is constant!

“There were 5 riders, they all hit the jump once, and then on first hit of the second round the avalanche cracked. Everyone panicked. Luckily everyone was okay and no was hurt and all that happened was we lost a snowmobile helmet and a snowboard. It is never 100% safe out there and we saw that first hand. Be safe out there. – @weavsworld.

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Raising hell in silence. After an epic session at Swingarm City, Darryn Durham, Tyler Bereman, and Dustin Nowack shred the red planet of Moab on Redshift MXR electric dirt bikes!

Russia has a really weird viral video trend where basically a bunch of sexy women polish guns, and it’s hard to tell which I’m more turned on by!