This crazy sh*t really happened! – Elon Musk sent a Tesla to Mars and landed two booster rockets safely back on earth, officially making him the biggest badass in our solar system!

In a historic first, SpaceX has launched its long-awaited Falcon Heavy rocket and landed its two side boosters on land. It’s a feat that SpaceX hopes will lead to increased commercial and national security missions. The test payload for this demonstration mission is Musk’s midnight cherry Tesla Roadster, which is now currently heading toward Mars, and should arrive there in 6 months.

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Robyworks presents ‘Forbidden to Drift’. Watch 12-year-old Nik Nak show Chris Forsberg the ropes in a grumpy V8 powered BMW E36. Turn your volume up, this is automotive porn!

Meanwhile in Church, Woman shrieks and struggles like a kid having a tantrum as a priest watches on. Is this footage of a real life exorcism, or has everyone lost their god damn minds?