Glock fishing! – Lionfish are an invasive species that have no natural predators off the coast of Florida, so this fisherman took it in his own hands and made an underwater glock to reduce their numbers!

Lionfish, the target of these crusaders, are an invasive species of fish with no natural predators. They also devastate the natural reef inhabitants. Fishing, traditionally using spears, are really the only way to curb the exploding Lionfish population. Of note is that the divers are using lead-free ammunition, don’t discharge rounds into the living reef and also collect their brass whenever possible.

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70,000ft up: Spy plane pilots live on the edge of space and danger. Wear pressure suits similar to astronauts. Eat ‘go-gel’ an amphetamine laced paste to keep themselves alert!

“Come on ya maggot!” – Meanwhile in Australia, Seven News cameraman attacked in a daylight ambush by a gang cheeky young f**ks on scooters in a suburban Queensland street!