For $5,000, KidStance will completely customise your kid’s electric car toy like a real car with air suspension, massive rims, TVs, stereos and lights!

KidStance customises electric car toys for kids. Otherwise known as “ride-ons.” They’ll customise anything from exotic cars to trucks. KidStance can do anything to a ride-on that can be done to a normal car like lights, radios, custom paint. Their most popular requests are for suspension work and custom wheels.

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What could possibly be next? The cut your wrist challenge? Nutcase with no respect for his own multicellular machine, severely burns his arm in the laughable ‘Hot Coil Challenge’!

Silky dirt and giant gaps in Swingarm City – Darryn Durham, Tyler Bereman, and Dustin Nowack shred the ultimate moto playground in Utah. It’s the closest thing to riding on the moon!