“Come on ya maggot!” – Meanwhile in Australia, Seven News cameraman attacked in a daylight ambush by a gang cheeky young f**ks on scooters in a suburban Queensland street!

It happened as Seven News lensman Allen Taylor tried to stop the kids picking on someone he says was half their size. The Maryborough teens were foul-mouthed and fired up – and when Taylor pulled over to stop them picking on the smaller child, they decided to turn on him after realising he was filming their actions.

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Glock fishing! – Lionfish are an invasive species that have no natural predators off the coast of Florida, so this fisherman took it in his own hands and made an underwater glock to reduce their numbers!

Rioting rocks victorious Philadelphia. Brawling, flipping cars, scaling the City Hall gates, mounting garbage trucks, and tearing down traffic lights. Proudly sponsored by adrenaline and booze!