Meanwhile in Thailand, F**king manic wearing a Borat Mankini walks through ‘Soi Six’ prostitute alley, gets his dick sucked multiple times by super thirsty ‘girls’, some armed with guns!

“I’ll show how you can pick up a lot of girls, ladyboys, and STI’s in 1 hour, LETS GO!” These are called Bar Girls. They are prostitutes that are bought for about the price of a single drink. A good portion of them are in fact transsexuals. This dude is nuts, but I loved watching every moment.

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Actress Natalie Portman destroyed ‘Saturday Night Live’ with round two of her iconic “Natalie’s Rap”, showing her true savage side!

A distraught father exploded with rage and tried to bash the paedophile olympic doctor who abused three of his daughters, along with hundreds of other women and girls!