Video: The first time Subaru tried to break a Nürburgring lap record with its 600hp boosted WRX STI, it started raining. The second time, the weather was perfect, and so was the lap!

WRXSubaru WRX STI Type RA NBR Special Nurburgring 1

Subaru’s STI race car picked up the Nürburgring Nordschleife lap record for a four-door sedan with a time of 6 minutes, 57.5 seconds. The same car also holds a lap record at the Isle of Man TT, and it was the third fastest car up the hill at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed hillclimb. Pushing 25 psi of turbo boost through a modified, rally-spec, 2.0-liter H4, the STI NBR Special puts out more than 600 horsepower, and it managed a top speed of 179 mph on the ‘Ring’s long straightaway. It’s a hell of a car.


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