Video: “You can buy a gun for $40 from a crackhead” – Chicago cops have a daunting task. This year alone more than 2,100 people have been shot by heavily armed gang bangers!

A man walks down a street past a handmade sign posted in the Englewood neighborhood in ChicagoGuns2

Chicago makes headlines all to often, and when it does, it’s reduced to numbers. Like 35: the number of people shot this weekend within the city limits. Or 9: the age of Tyshawn Lee, lured into an alley and assassinated in 2015 over his father’s gang connections. Or 4,331: the staggering total of shooting victims in 2016. Last year was the city’s bloodiest in nearly two decades. This year shootings are down 13 percent, but the silver lining is flimsy, murders are up 4 percent.


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