Video: Genius hacks one of the most secure $1,500 Armatix smart guns available with $15 bucks worth of magnets. I am a hacker too, because something something IP address.

A smart gun by Armatix is pictured at the Armatix headquarters in MunichHackHAck3

Smart guns are solutions nobody wanted to problems nobody has. In military, police, or self defence uses, nobody trusts the reliability issues with electronically-locked weapons, and three-level security holsters used by police work just fine for daily carry. The only realistic use scenario for “smart guns” is as purely recreational range toys for non-traditional gun owners. They would appreciate the peace of mind created by a potentially unreliable gun security system. Unfortunately, this mindset also makes for a dangerous gun owner, as they rely on technology to feel safe instead of drilling into themselves basic gun safety rules and common sense.

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