Video: “This is the biggest f**king crowed we’ve ever played to!” – Can you get more Australian than Dune Rats playing ‘Scott Green’ at Splendour In The Grass? Not likely c*nt.


“Ironically, for a band with a catalogue all about preparing to get messy, being messy, or recovering from said mess, they sound incredibly put-together. Danny B’s bug-eyed enthusiasm and the trio’s tongue-in-cheek banter, all oozes with comic book charm. ‘Counting Sheep’, ‘Never Gonna Get High’, and even the lower gear ‘Like Before’ all have the kids going nuts. It’s a beautiful, messy mob to behold underneath the falling sun, the festival starting to turn to the partying hour as thousands of kids sing along to the same in-joke: “has anybody here seen Scott Green?” – Al Newstead

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