Video: The 1000hp Touge Attack! – When you get bored in the office what’s one to do? If you’re Andy Gray, you fire up the JZX100 and go on a rubber roasting smoke’o break!


“After months of talking about it, @sean_alessi and I finally took my #fdjapan car for a blast around the #ebisutouge and captured it on video!” – Andy Gray. I’m going to watch this five times in a row before bed in the hope to induce some Ebisu flavoured dreams.


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Video: “If I has my gun I would blow your sh*t up!” – Shia Labeouf is being cheeky again, got arrested for public drunkenness, calls a cop a “dumb f*ck”!

Video: Holy sh*t, this random guy needs to be broadcasting all FOX sporting events from now on. If he was homeless, he’d be on every American talk show within a week!