Video: Hawaiian big wave surfer Koa Rothman copped an old bloke’s 9-foot gun to the head after he was caught on the inside. Swallows a few teeth, sprains his neck and gets a bad headache!


“Don’t know if you’d call it unlucky or lucky.. but I walked away from this accident with only a few broken teeth, a sprained neck, and a really bad headache. I’m not mad at this guy, he was around 60 years old and having a great time watching the boys get barrelled. It just so happened that this wave swung a little wider than the rest of the sets, and caught him inside. I just think this could be a good lesson for people to really reconsider paddling out to a wave they do not feel comfortable at. You’re not only endangering yourself, but everyone around you. Aloha!” – @koarothman

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