Video: “You thought I was gone. I’m a gangster” – Dude films himself on Facebook Live fighting against an anaesthesia injection at the dentist, lasts so long the nurses start laughing!


Every time I’ve had anaesthesia I’ve tried to stay up as long as possible, I don’t last more than 10 seconds how the hell did he last 4 minutes? I have to respect that. On the other side of the coin though, just go to sleep and get your teeth fixed. You’re the reason why everybody in the waiting room has to wait so long!


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Video: Hijinx Unlimited vs. security guards! – The skateboard world is saturated with corporations and sterile characters, but this crew going in the opposite direction and the comments section is saltier than the sea over how they behave!

Video: Snorting chocolate is a thing now, offering a high ‘similar to ecstasy’ with the powder containing ingredients the same as you’d find in energy drinks!