Video: Chump change! – Buy this Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster for $2,199,000 and get a matching custom built Lamborghini speedboat!

lamborghini-aventador-BOAT 13.jpeglamborghini-aventador-CAR BOAT.jpeg

Lamborghini’s Aventador Super Veloce is an incredible 52-ft, custom-built speedboat that runs on a 1350 bhp engine and can reach up to an impressive 180 mph. Designed as a companion piece to the carmaker’s Aventador supercar, the boat is decked out in the same lime green matching paint job.

lamborghini-aventador-CAR 16.jpeg

lamborghini-aventador-Key West Poker run 2016 MTI 082.jpeg

lamborghini-aventador-Key West Poker run 2016 MTI 072.jpeg

lamborghini-aventador-BOAT 5.jpeg



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