Video: Imagine if Formula 1 was like this! The final lap of the Porsche Carrera Cup at Le Mans will glue you to your seat with one of the most intense battles we’ve seen in ages!


The Porsche Carrera Cup draws together some of the biggest names and teams from various Porsche Carrera Cup championships around the world for one massive 61-car race. Of course, a one-make championship filled with literally dozens of the series’ top drivers is going to lead to a closely-fought race, especially somewhere with as many long straights as Le Mans, and so it proved to be the case this year. Going onto the last lap four drivers – Dan Cammish, Ayhancan Güven, Alessio Rovera and Dino Zamparelli – found themselves battling it out for the victory, and as you’d expect there was plenty of action.


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