Video: How far away is the nearest star to Earth? The answer is hard the fathom! – This guy created a 200 billionth scale model to try and make our idiot brains understand!


To understand how big the universe is, and how far away our closest star is, he used a pea to represent the sun, then literally drove out of town to be far away enough for his scaled-down model!


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Video: Booze fuelled golf course huck of the day! Lad dares to dream. Pins it down the fairway in a club cart and sends it f**ken huge for the boys on the 18th Hole!

Video: Podcast of the day! – Paul Hannaford, an ex-professional thief and ex-heroin addict, tells his completely insane life story and shows the horrific open wounds he still has on his legs, 10 years after he quit drugs!