Video: What the f**k is hiding in this swamp water? Blood thirsty Gators, man eating Manatees, flesh shredding Piranhas, or vicious Demons from another dimension?


“My husband was bailing water out of our boat after a huge storm. Every time he threw the water we saw splashes in the water. I happened to be recording on one of the tosses and we saw huge splashes of water everywhere. We both looked at each other and said ‘I will never swim in there again!'”


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Video: Brett Rheeder’s winning run at the 2017 Crankworx Les Slopestyle is so packed with insane tricks that he almost spends more time in the air than with his tyres on the ground!

Video: Fishermen in the North Sea near the Netherlands caught the first ever documented two-headed porpoise, but threw the animal back for fears of legal repercussions!