Video: #stopcensoringhistory – The internet is pissed that ‘Call of Duty World War II’ calls itself a ‘historically authentic’ experience, but has female soldiers and no Swastikas!

The makers of Call of Duty: World War II claim to be creating a “historically authentic” experience. The game is about killing computer renderings of Nazis for fun but in the realistically depicted setting of wartime Europe. One would naturally assume that this would allow for the display of Nazi imagery—but its makers at Activision have opted to scrub out the swastika.

Perhaps fearing a backlash from German censors, who often replaces swastikas in video games with fictional logos, or a backlash from sensitive snowflake social justice warriors who are triggered by the mere sight of the symbol, the developers replaced the swastika with the Schwarzes Kreuz, which dates back to the 19th century. What do you think? In the meantime, watch Jackfrags‘ new multiplayer gameplay video below. It has a mix of War Mode and Team Deathmatch. It starts off with War, and you get to see the objectives being taken as the match progresses. There’s a decent mix of bolt-action rifles and automatic weapons in there, too.


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