Video: ‘Ready or Not’ is a tactical first person shooter which places you in the boots of an elite SWAT team, tasked with defusing hostile situations in intense, disturbing environments!


The game is set in a nondescript modern America, where an income disparity between the classes have become unsustainable and the country has been plunged into havoc. Bring order to chaos with up to 8 players in cooperative play, battle enemy squads in a close player-vs-player environment, or command AI in a striking single-player mode.


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Video: A high speed thrill ride with barrel rolls, loops and and a gnarly ending – Crazy skydiver gets himself ejected from an aerobatic glider mid-flight over the Dubai desert!

Video: Clay Marzo’s new edit ‘You Know’ has mind boggling, hard to comprehend moments. It’s not surfing that you can mimic. It’s surfing that you can sure enjoy though!