Video: Meanwhile in Australia…Beach closed as drone footage captures large sharks swimming inches from the shore while they hunt swarms of terrified tasty mullet!


Dramatic drone footage from high above Fingal Bay in Port Stephens has captured the full extent of a shark hunt off the popular strip. Running mullet have given the sharks plenty of incentive to slice through the clear green waters of the bay, forcing authorities to close the beach to swimming, and drawing crowds onto the sand to watch.

Speaking of sharks. A photo of huge bull shark caught near Lake Macquarie has created a social media storm. Offshore Fishing NSW shared the image of the dead shark after it was “gut hooked and a huge fight” at Swansea Channel near Newcastle. “There must be plenty around,” the post said. The shark towered over the man it was strung up next to and looked to be twice his height but not everyone was impressed with the catch, saying it was a waste of an awesome animal.



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