Video: Scientist Sues NASA, Alleges Failure To Investigate Obvious Alien Life Spotted On Mars. Says Intelligent Aliens Were Killed In Nuclear War, Also Mutant Bunnies Live There. F**k It, I Believe Him!


US-based Dr John Brandenburg gives lectures across the globe offering a theory that there is evidence of two major nuclear blasts on the Red Planet, and the archaeological relics left behind by the ancient Martians. Mr Brandenburg believes the nuclear war took place about half a billion years ago and the traces of the blast have been left in two key locations. He claims the strongest shock-waves and fallout were dumped downwind of Cydonia mesa and Galaxias Chaos, two sites on Mars that other conspiracy theorists have also claimed are sites of ancient archeology on Mars. Well, that’s all I need to hear, I’m convinced, now pass me the bong.


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